Grooming services

The full grooming package includes:

Brush out

Bath (hypoallergenic shampoo &       


No - heat blow dry

Ear cleaning

Nail trim

Pad shave

Main clip - style cut


Finishing brushing

Finish trim

Additional services for an extra fee:

Medicated bath

Flee bath


Conditioner - leave-in


Small Breed (up to 20 lb) ...from $75

Medium Breed (up to 40 lb)...from $85

Large Breed (up to 60 lb)...from $95

Extra Lg Breed (above 60 lb)...from $115

The price is based on size, breed, style, coat condition and the length of time it takes to complete the full grooming.

NOTE: The house-call grooming prices are depending on the time traveling and will be added to the basic price (above).